Dental tourism in Hungary (Debrecen)

Debrecen with its almost 205 thousand inhabitants is the second largest city in Hungary, and the city 220 kilometres far from Budapest has a rich history more than 6 centuries long. It is not only the cultural and scientific centre of the region, but also a marvellous place of various festivals and cultural events.

Moreover, Debrecen is the city of a flourishing bath culture and a distinctive health centre as well. Debrecen is a unique city without mountains and rivers but its natural environment is very interesting. One of the main attractions and places of natural uniqueness in Hungary is the Hortobágy National Park, known as the "puszta", which lies just in the outskirts of Debrecen.

This is the real Hungarian Plain without any height difference, with its unique flora and fauna (e.g., a lot of birds), natural phenomena (e.g., Fata Morgana), and with ancient animal husbandry traditions.


Direct flights from the UK and Ireland:

•   British Airways from Heathrow, Gatwick
•   easyJet from Gatwick and Luton
• from Manchester
•   Wizz Air from Luton (direct to Debrecen 3 times a week)
• from Dublin

Your task is to book your return ticket on the previous websites.


In case you arrive at the Airport of Debrecen, we will take you to your accomodation for free. 
However if you choose the Airport of Budapest, you have two options:

1. A private car will pick you up and bring you to Debrecen. You will travel alone in the car peacefully. This would cost 200€.

2. You will be transfered to Debrecen in a  van with other passangers. This is more efficient, and costs only 100€.

These prices are covering your travel costs from Budapest to Debrecen and back.

If your treatment costs are more then €3500, your return transfer is free.

The day of arrival or the following day, we meet you in your hotel at the agreed time and bring you to the Surgery for the first dental consultation. After the treatment is completed the driver will drive you back to the Airport. The transfer takes 2 hours. (Budapest Airport-Debrecen)


Hotel Divinus

Hotel Divinus has opened its rooms & suites in Hungary's and Europe's oldest reservation area , the Great Forest of Debrecen.

As the first 5-star hotel of Eastern Hungary Hotel Divinus offers the advantages of a green-belt hotel within the second biggest city of the country.

Hotel Lycium

Air-conditioned hotel awaits the guests with 88 non-smoking double rooms and 4 apartments, a total capacity for 192 persons, with all the related furnishing, facilities and service standards perfectly designed for the needs of business travellers.

The rooms have been provided with specially designed internal terraces to offer pleasant scenes of relaxation, pastimes.

Hotel Sport

The Sport Hotel is located in the most beautiful part of Debrecen, in the heart of the Great Forest, in a quiet, peaceful environment, where our guests can relax. 

  • - 3 single bedrooms
  • - 52 double bedrooms
    (10 of them impediment free)
  • - 3 apartments