You are welcome to our web site of Hungarian dental office which is called LABODENT.

Our office was founded 1996. Since then we are greeting our patients from all around Europe. We work with the latest technologies and materials in accordance with the strictest regulations, at favourable prices. Professional and painless dental treatments, flexible organization and transfers, short deadlines, written guarantee, friendly and empathic dentists, all of this to your satisfaction.

Why Hungary?

Visiting Hungary for routine or cosmetic dental treatments may seem exhausting and time-consuming. However this is a misconception that cheaper dental fees reflect lower dental standards.
The reality is contrary to this.
Infact both England/Ireland and Germany have one of the highest dental costs in Europe.
Taking a holiday and attending to a professional dentist for less money, makes a more sense.
Debrecen is the 2nd largest city in Hungary, 220 km from the capital, Budapest.
It is closer than you think and visitors can enjoy everything that Hungary can offer.
Join the group of those who save 1000s and we will put a bright smile on your face!

Why are we think, we are the best choice?

Our prices are 60-70% lower in Hungary than in London!
Our prices are as low as possible. This is the same service but 20-30% under the Hungarian dental costs.

How can we do it?

We don't have any connection with dental travel agencies. They increase the cost of the treatments approx. 20-30%.

If you like this idea follow the next simply steps:

-Obtain a panoramic X ray or dental assessment and treatment plan from your local dentist.
-Email these documents and images to us.
We will provide you with an early price calculation and treatment plans with short deadline.
The quality of work and the price/value ratio is more than satisfactory and it is indeed worth traveling to Debrecen for professional dental treatments.
in additional to our favourable prices, we also offer warranty on our dental treatments. We are accepted cash or credit card.